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Sample Fire Prevention Package

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Robot Character with your choice of head, skin color, hair color and eye color
Fire Engine (antique, pumper or truck)
Siren & Flashing Lights
1 Year Warranty - parts & labor
MP3 Player
Turnout gear (tan or black)
Now Included!
Extra Interchangeable Head
$425 (optional)
Water squirter
$80 (optional)
Projector LCD TV/DVD Player
$1250 (optional)
Extra Battery/Charger Package
$175 (optional)
Voice Modifier
$250 (optional)
Rainbow Valley DVD Set
$600 (optional)
TeleTutor 9-1-1
$374 (optional)
Shipping/Storage Case
Total (with no options)
Total (with options)

All our robots "make eye contact" with their audience by moving their head up/down and left/right. Their mouth moves automatically, synchronized to your speech or to the included MP3 player

The state-of-the-art, single unit, wireless speech/hearing system enables you to have spontaneous conversations out of sight of your audience.

Interchangeable heads (and hands) allows you to deliver your message with different characters for different audiences.

Robots can be removed from the vehicle to operate separately (at no additional cost).

Vehicles drive forward/back and turn left/right at variable speeds and have proportional steering.

The zero turn radius option (no additional cost) allows even the largest firetruck to easily manuever in tight spaces. Speed and battery power are sufficient for most parade routes.

All vehicles have seat belts (of course!) and all fire vehicles have sirens and flashing lights. Water squirter is optional. Choose from a large variety of vehicles.

Packages come with a control transmitter, single-unit speech/hearing transceiver, headset, rechargeable batteries and chargers, MP3 player, Operator's instruction booklet, padded equipment case, and a one-year warranty - parts & labor.

Turnout gear - your choice of tan or black - is now included at no extra cost!

The 9-1-1 TeleTutor is an easy to use interactive training device that allows children to safely practice the skills they need to reach the 9-1-1 responder in an emergency. Children can practice dialing the number and then interact either with a recorded message or with a live educator. The system is completely isolated from the telephone exchange and there is no chance that any real call will be placed.

Includes student phone, educator's phone, control unit, storage case, operating instructions, 1 year warranty and a Curriculum Guide. $374.00

TeleTutor 9-1-1

The Interactive Practice Phone


fire engine dvd]

Built-in LCD projector and DVD player can be installed on our Antique Firetruck, Comet Firetruck, 1940's Firetruck or Ambulance. The DVD is projected onto a screen or wall (not included) behind the robot. Size of the image can be modified by the distance between the screen and the vehicle. $1250

Built-in 15" or 17" DVD player and LCD TV screen available as an option only on our larger vehicles. Raise and lower the TV screen from the top of the firetruck via remote control. Also includes built-in speaker system. Plays any standard DVD. Screen size is dependent on product availability and the size of the vehicle chosen. $1250

Rainbow Valley Fire Department Fire Education Series is a set of 9 professionally created DVDs (along with a CD Facilitator's Guide). It provides a comprehensive public fire safety DVD education curriculum for grades Pre-K through 3rd grade that is perfect to play on your optional DVD player and LCD TV screen. Regular retail price is $799.95, reduced to $600.00 - add this option to your grant application or purchase order and it will arrive along with your robot.

rainbow valley
Fire Safety Education Curriculum Guide: You don't have to live in Texas to appreciate or use "Fire Safety for Texans" - an impressive series of fire and burn prevention curriculum guides (K-12) developed by the Texas State Fire Marshal's Office and available for FREE download as PDF or Word documents. Each guide includes lesson plans, teacher materials and duplicating masters.

Vehicles and robots can be customized to match your specific needs!


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