Robots for Education & Entertainment

A variety of accessories and options are available for most of our robots and vehicles, and some will even work with robots from other manufacturers. Give us a call if you don't see what you need.

Additional Interchangeable Head & Hands

Having an additional head with matching hands/paws allows you to make one robot into many different characters. Choose male or female, human or animal, Caucasian, African-American or Hispanic. $425.00 Characters

Extra Batteries & Chargers

Our Extra Battery Package includes an extra battery for your robot, transmitter and transceiver. Includes one extra bettery and charger for vehicle. Larger vehicles may ue more than one battery. Ideal for all-day events, parades, etc. $175.00.

Individual batteries are also available: for robots $50.00, trike/bike and small vehicles $65.00, large vehicles $85.00, rechargeable AA batteries for transmitter $12.00, transceiver $10.00. Replacement charger for robot, small vehicle or slow charger for large vehicle $35.00, for transmitters $15.00 and for transceivers $10.00.


Voice Modifier

The voice modifier raises or lowers the pitch of ther operator's voice. It is built into the robot and is operated by remote control. $250.00.

Projector CD/DVD Player

The built-in CD/DVD player, including sound amplification system, operates with the standard remote control transmitter. Available in most vehicles. Plays standard CDs and DVDs. Picture is projected from rear of vehicle onto screen or wall, screen size is dependent on distance between vehicle and screen. $1250.00

Pop-Up LCD TV & CD/DVD Player

The built-in 15" to 17" LCD TV and CD/DVD player, including sound amplification system, operates with the standard remote control transmitter. Available only in select larger vehicles. Plays standard CDs and DVDs. Screen size is dependent on product availability and the size of the vehicle. Standard installation includes a TV screen that 'disappears' into the vehicle. $1250.00

Custom Shipping & Storage Case

Custom made to fit your vehicle and robot. The exterioris plywood covered with hard plastic and reinforced with aluminum corner pieces. Heavy duty wheels and latches and a foam interior. $450.00 to $1450.00 depending on size.
robot crate


A variety of robot-size costumes are available. Call for more information about special order or custom outfits.


Racing Outfit w/ Cap - $100.00

Lab coat - $45.00


Flight Suit w/ Helmet - $100.00

Astronaut Suit w/ Helmet - $100.00

Custom Police Uniform - $150.00

Standard Police Uniform - $50.00

Included with purchase of Police Robot at no charge

Tan Turnout Gear & Helmet - $45.00

Included with purchase of Firetruck Robot at no charge

Black Turnout Gear & Helmet - $45.00

Included with purchase of Firetruck Robot at no charge

Train Engineers Uniform w/ Cap - $50.00

Included with purchase of Train Robot at no charge

TeleTutor 9-1-1

The Interactive Practice Phone

The 9-1-1 TeleTutor is an easy to use interactive training device that allows children to safely practice the skills they need to reach the 9-1-1 responder in an emergency. Children can practice dialing the number and then interact either with a recorded message or with a live educator. The system is completely isolated from the telephone exchange and there is no chance that any real call will be placed.

Includes student phone, educator's phone, control unit, storage case, operating instructions, 1 year warranty and a Curriculum Guide. $374.00


Traffic Signs

traffic signs
The set of 6 traffic signs stand 30" high with a plastic base, pole and tops. Includes Stop Sign, Speed Limit 25, One Way, Railroad Crossing, Yield and School Crossing. $75.00

Rainbow Valley Fire Department Fire Education DVD

Rainbow Valley Fire Department Fire Education Series is a set of 9 professionally created DVDs (along with a CD Facilitator's Guide). It provides a comprehensive public fire safety DVD education curriculum for grades Pre-K through 3rd grade that is perfect to play on your optional DVD player and LCD TV screen. Regular retail price is $799.95, reduced to $600.00 - add this option to your grant application or purchase order and it will arrive along with your robot.

rainbow valley fire dvds


Water Squirter


Squirts a stream of water wherever your robot looks. Can be built into most vehicles and is operated by remote control transmitter. $80.00


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