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Updates for Winter 2014

    A New Home for Probotics America If you look closely you might notice our address has changed. We've just completed moving to Sacramento California. Our administrative address is in Carmichael, a suburb but if you need to ship us robots for repair please contact us directly for a freight and large package receiving location.
    A Herd of Reindeer We've just completed work on a herd of almost life-size reindeer and we're gearing up to make even more. You'll have to wait a couple of months to see Santa's friends entertaining kids all over the nation. reindeer
    Options Check out our new Options webpage for a variety of options and accessories for your robots and vehicles.
    New Fire Engine! fireengine We are excited to introduce our 2014 Super Fire Engine. This vehicle is large enough and sturdy enough to handle our popular pop-up TV screen.

    New LCD Projector & DVD Player

    Built-in LCD projector and DVD player can be installed on our Antique Firetruck, Comet Firetruck, 1940's Firetruck or Ambulance - and on many of our smaller, non-firetruck vehicles. The DVD is projected onto a screen or wall (not included) behind the robot. Size of the image can be modified by the distance between the screen and the vehicle.

    We regret that we are not able to accept any new orders for our Superpumper fire truck since the manufacturer of the base unit has discontinued production. If/when the vehicle becomes available again we will feature it right here! See our Antique Firetruck and Comet Firetruck here.

    Amazing New Lifelike, Lifesize Animal - Robot Characters

    polar bear
    Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! We are very excited to introduce our brand new line of lifelike (and lifesize) animal robot characters. Unlike the real ones, our animal characters can talk. Check out our new Characters webpage for more information, photos and videos.

    TeleTutor 9-1-1


    Brand New! The 9-1-1 TeleTutor is an interactive training device that allows children to safely practice the skills they need to reach the 9-1-1 responder in an emergency. Children can practice dialing the number and then interact either with a recorded message or with a live educator. The system is completely isolated from the telephone exchange and there is no chance that any real call will be placed.

    Introducing RoboTalent - Our Robot Rental Affiliate

    In response to many requests, we have introduced RoboTalent, allowing you to rent a robot along with a professional performer/operator for your fair, tradeshow, corporate event, fund-raising gala, grand opening or anytime you want to make a special and lasting impression. A variety of Probotics America robots are available for an hour or two, a day, a week or longer. Check out the RoboTalent webpage or download the catalog for more information.

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