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Whether they are riding a trike or bike, or driving one of our dozens of different vehicles, these robots are extremely lifelike, fascinating, and just plain FUN. Our Bike-Bot series is perfect for police, fire, medical and safety education. Ideal for entertainment and Trade Show promotion.

ambulance robot


A smaller version of our Bike-Bots, the Baby-bot is the size of a toddler and is popular in parenting education programs as well as in infant and child car safety seat programs.


SuperStar Series

These full size robots stand an impressive 5'2" tall and are packed with interactive and multi-media features not found on other robots. They are suitable for multi-task educational and entertainment needs. Like all our robots, customization is always an option.

star robot
star robot

Mechanical Men

The Mechanical Men Series are robots that really look like robots. Built with metal pipes and with many options for customization, this series includes "Cycler - the Recycling Robot" designed and created for a specific client, "Marshall - the fire safety robot" and "Hero - the crime prevention robot".



Our Bike-Bot characters are available as an automated musical band, ready to entertain and present custom messages on an ongoing basis.


Trash Talkers

Trash Talkers look and function just like ordinary containers, but with a twist -- they talk and their 'mouth' flap moves with the sound! Available for purchase or rent through RoboTalent.


Automated Robots & "Talking Heads"

Looking for an 'employee' who can work around the clock and never ask for overtime? Our Automated Robots and "Talking Heads" are ideally suited to attract attention, provide information, entertain and educate your audience.

parrot robot

Custom Automation & Consulting

Give us a call or email if you have an idea for an automation project that just doesn't exist - yet. There is no charge for that initial consultation to determine if a particular project is feasible, or if there is an easy, inexpensive way to meet your needs.

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